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Michael’s Biography

For the last thirty years I have worked with children, teens, and their parents, from a variety of angles, all with one goal: to help them to improve their lives together. For eleven of those years, as a counselor at the residential Washington School for the Deaf, I was presented with a wide range of issues in the lives of students, ages 6 to 21, and engaged extensively with parents. My experience teaching in the high school classroom there and in the Portland Public School system made clear to me how much the family relationship impacts any child’s ability to learn and to grow. At The Christie School, as both a child and family therapist and case manager, involvement with parents was a major part of my focus.

Since 1995 I have enjoyed a growing private therapy practice, leading support groups for parents of all stripes as well as teaching workshops on diverse topics and ongoing classes on the fundamentals of parenting. During 2010 I have taught parenting classes through both Portland Parks and Recreation and the Housing Authority of Portland. I hold a Master’s Degree in Education (Lewis & Clark), with eight years of advanced training in human psychology which has deepened my understanding of the essential bond between parents and children. I know this bond, too, as the proud father of a 21-year-old son who not only taught me about parenting but stirred in me a true passion for it.

Michael Leavitt M. Ed.


Core Beliefs

  1. To parent well is an act of love.
  2. Children learn about themselves and their world through interactions with others.
  3. Children develop their value systems primarily by observing how their parents live their lives.
  4. The parent-child relationship is an essential ingredient in children’s developing sense of themselves.
  5. There is a direct relationship between how you feel as a parent and how your children respond to you.
  6. When you honor yourself you are offering the best of yourself to your children.

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