Testimonials From Love First Parenting Customers

Michael’s invaluable insight and wisdom have given me a better awareness of the way I interact with my children. With Michael’s understanding and guidance I have developed the tools to build a more harmonious and balanced relationship with my children. Michael has been a Godsend to my family!

Lori B.

Mother of a 19 year old

Michael Leavitt has been a godsend to me. Parenthood of a willful son with special behavioral needs has been an extremely rocky road. I certainly would not be negotiating the almost-daily potholes as well as I have begun to without Michael’s guidance and ongoing support. His love for the art of parenting is palpable and provides an inspiring container for my process as a mother, allowing me to view it as such, a creative act, an occasion I can rise to time and challenging time again. His unique experience and training have helped me to grow in myself as I endeavor to help “grow” my son. I owe Michael a great debt in this sense, but I know he feels rewarded simply by my own mounting feelings of success in managing—and loving—my son.

Emily H.

Mother of a 13 year old

What I get from Michael is a calm, persistent illuminating wisdom and honesty that provides sense and perspective to my uncertainty. The depth to which he thinks on his teachings and the clarity with which he articulates them, amazes me because of how prescient, practical and effective they are. Every time we meet I gather new tools and perspectives on how to understand my fears, express my feelings and experience life more fully. When I think of all the people that have had a positive substantial influence on my life, Michael has to be included in that cadre. What I take home from Michael’s parenting counseling is something that is not only rigorously, logically and meditatively thought through, but something that is lovingly and illuminatingly practical. There is this foundation of honesty and valuable, realistic expectations towards self and others. Built on that are levels of nuts-and-bolts skills to implement. But It’s not merely about being a better parent from a mechanical stand point, rather about understanding how you feel in relation to your child, taking that and creating a new dynamic in favor of something more honest and nurturing a flat out fun for everyone.

Tim T.

Father of a 10 year old and a 12 year old

Michael Leavitt’s understanding of parenting is both gifted and profound, he is a true teacher. His teachings are unique in that they offer a level of insight that is rare and yet thoroughly accurate and applicable. Michael works and communicates with children and young adults in a way I have seen no one else master (often reaching children many have given up on). He is a unique and insightful force in the field, and stands alone in the depth of his understanding of this topic. I was so frustrated with my relationship with my child before I met Michael. I wanted so much to be able to connect and talk to him, and I was completely ineffective in my attempts to reach him. Michael taught me how to engage my son in a way that was simple and sustaining. Nine years later I still seek Michael’s advice alone. I have witnessed all that he has taught me to be accurate and continues to provide a deep lasting change in me and my son’s relationship.

Gwen L.

Mother of a 15 year old

Michael offers a refreshing and innovative perspective on parenting. His input is simple, powerful, and immediately applicable. He helped me to be more sovereign, to open up space I didn’t know possible, and move towards a healthier relationship with my kids.

Gretchen L.

Mother of an 18 year old and 15 year old

Being a parent has broken my heart, over and over again, and challenged me in ways I never imagined. Michael’s depth of insight and experience in this realm helped me find sanity and freedom in some of my most challenging parental struggles, and framed an experience of parenting that continues to be a supportive force of love and sovereignty for both myself and my daughter. I feel deeply blessed and grateful for his guidance and highly recommend the opportunity to work with him!”

Tammy D.

Mother of an 18 year old

Michael is a true master of his many crafts. Not only does he show exemplary knowledge in his parenting practice but his over-all spiritual awareness and guidance is unrivaled as well. My own spiritual pursuits, as well as my time with Michael, began shortly after my father passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. I was only fifteen then, and lacked any sufficient ground to rebuild myself on. Michael resonated with me immediately, guiding me through a healing processthat will never end, but has become the greatest gift of my life. It is his ability to connect not only with his patients, but also with himself that makes each appointment an eye-opening experience. Michael loves guiding parents along their rocky roads, but it not his exclusive gift. His guidance can permeate any matter and lend help to the most tortured of souls. I see Michael regularly to this day to keep up on my healing, and don’t plan to stop. Michael has been a most tremendous gift in my life I try to never take for granted.

Cameron B.

19 year old

Michael has helped me in many ways. He subtly encouraged me to be responsible for my actions and question my righteousness so I could start to realize how I was acting. Michael has a very deep understanding of the psyche and has unlimited patience for dealing with obstinateness and righteousness. He is helpful with any questions I have and can provide excellent advice. I am not afraid to tell Michael anything because he has made me comfortable with who I am. Michael breaks things down, like a malady or disposition, so they are easier to see, but in a loving way that is not one bit forceful. Michael has helped me grow up and know when I am wrong, or was not right. He is not idealistic, but is realistic. I can always have a good laugh with Michael and I can always get some good advice.

Ben B.

18 year old

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