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Benefits of Seeing Michael

1. Immediate Solutions

Michael provides simple, straightforward tools and techniques to solve the parenting problem or issues you are currently facing.

2. Ongoing Skills and Strategies

Skills and strategies that are born of a clearer understanding of yourself, your child, and your relationship, are ones you can rely on in the everyday trenches of parenthood. With the insight you develop, interactions will not be defined by putting out fires or felt to be a constant challenge; instead, you will head off many problems before they even occur.

3. A New Perspective for Lasting Change

Michael’s Love-First philosophy provides a foundation from which all parenting challenges can be sanely and effectively met. His focus is not on the quick fix but on developing the relationship you want to have with your child—one you will experience with greater joy and confidence as you accept that the challenges that arise are natural and necessary aspects of people relating, intimately, one to another. There is no place for guilt or blame when obstacles become opportunities for enrichment and deeper connection.

4. A Better Understanding of Your Child

Most of the time we view parent-child problems from our own, adult perspective and respond to them based on how we, ourselves, are impacted. Rarely do we consider how our children view or experience the same—or any—situation. We tend to think of kids as smaller versions of ourselves, though nothing could be further from the neurological truth. The ability and willingness to see things from your child’s point of view opens doors to vastly improved communication, the cornerstone of any good relationship.

5. Hope

Imagine, no more confusion about what to do or how to do it, no more guilt, no more panic. Yes, you can learn to parent with more confidence and ease, with more inspiration and sheer delight. And yes, you can even restore a relationship that has floundered so that it works for all involved. That is the promise of Love First. That is hope.

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